Balkan Forum in Thessaloniki

  • 27 & 28 March, 2020
  • 154 Egnatia STR, 54636, Thessaloniki
2020-03-27 10:00:00






Balkan Forum in Thessaloniki

27 & 28 of March 2020

Necessity and Objectives of the Forum

Promoting the necessary actions for the introduction and successful use of business innovation is a key prerequisite for the economic development and promotion of healthy entrepreneurship both in Greece and in the rest of the Balkans.

Date & Time

27 & 28 of March 2020 12:00 PM


TIF HELEXPO, 154 Egnatia STR Thessaloniki


+30 2310 379 360 -474 -420



    Multipurpose Hall "Emilios Riadis", 154 Egnatia STR, Thessaloniki, 54636

  • Telephones

    +30 2310 379 360 -474 -420

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Postponement of the 2nd BALKAN FORUM.


We would like to inform you that the increasing number of the confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in our country has forced the Greek Government to take action, in order to protect Public Health. New measures were announced by the Government, according to which for at least 4 weeks any type of convention nationwide shall be postponed. Consequentially, this creates a new unforeseen situation according to which during the current month, it is unsafe to attend any convention, including the 2nd BALKAN FORUM. Taking into consideration all of the above and with a great sense of responsibility, the Hellenic Ministry of Interior (Sector of Macedonia and Thrace) has decided to postpone the 2nd BALKAN FORUM which would take place at March 27-28, 2020 in T.I.F. HELEXPO, Thessaloniki.
New dates will be announced in due time. Τhank you for your kind understanding.

Application Form Completion Instructions

First Name
Fill in your name in the field.

Last Name
Fill in your surname in the field.

Select one of the four menu options to declare the organization you represent. The options are: 1. Company 2. Non-Governmental Body 3. Public Authority 4. Individual.

Fill in the capacity you have in the organization (e.g. employee, manager etc).

Fill in the email where you would like to receive confirmation of your participation in the event.

In case in the Organisation field you have selected 1. Company or 2. Non-Governmental Body, the following field appears in which you can indicate whether you wish to meet with a Governmental Body or Research Center.

Business to Government (B2G) & Business to Research (B2R) Meetings.
Select one of the three menu options to show whether or not you are interested in meeting with a particular Government Entity or Research Center.
The options are: 1. Not interested. 2. Interested in B2G. 3. Interested in B2R.

If you answer "Not interested", just type in the text in the box below and then press the "SUBMIT" button.
If you select «2. Interested in B2G» ή «3. Interested in B2R» the following fields appear:

Web Site
If available, fill out the Web Site of the business or non-governmental body you represent in the field.

Fill in the sector of Economy in which your company is active eg tourism, processing etc.

Describe briefly (200 words) the government entity or research center you wish to meet with and the topic of the meeting.

After submitting the application, you will be sent an email certifying that the application was accepted at the conference and if you have expressed interest in a B2G or B2R appointment, you will be notified of the appointment schedule at a later date.