About Forum

Necessity and Objectives of the Forum

The promotion of the necessary actions for the modernization and the further development of Interbalkan business, transport, industrial, technological and energy infrastructures and networks constitutes a prerequisite for the economic convergence among the Balkan regions and countries and also an essential key driver for the promotion of transnational cooperation on entrepreneurship and innovation. No serious and effective transnational networking in the field of business and innovation can be promoted and no serious investment proposals can be attracted without modern Interbalkan infrastructures and networks.

In this spirit and in the framework of strengthening the Transnational Cooperation, the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace takes the initiative to organize the present forum with the following main objectives:

Assessment of the existing level of Balkan business, transport, industrial, technological and energy infrastructures and networks and record of specific needs and deficiencies.

Discussion and detailed examination of the necessary infrastructures and networks whose implementation should be promoted by priority, as well as a placement of potential funding schemes.

Assessment of the spatial impacts of the proposed infrastructures and networks on the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation on a national and Interbalkan level.

Discussion and finding of mechanisms to mobilize and make use of business and technological potential in the maturity and implementation of the under planning infrastructures and networks.

Promotion of the necessary business and technological networking and collaborations on a Balkan level.

The Forum consists of representatives of agencies from the Balkan countries (Greece, Bulgary, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania), such as Chambers, Business Representatives, Bilateral Chambers, Research Agencies, Technological Providers, Investment Companies, Port Authorities, Railway Agencies, Airport Operators, Logistics and Transport Providers, Energy Providers, Organizations for the construction and management of Highways–Energy Pipelines, Banks, Public Authorities and Ministries.

  • Tif Helexpo - Multipurpose Hall 'Emilios Riadis' 154 Egnatia STR, Thessaloniki
  • 5 & 6 Apr 2019
  • 300 Guests
  • 30 speakers